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  • Conference hall

    Conference hall is appropriate for organization of:

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    • Seminars, colloquiums
    • Presentations and demonstrations
    • Conferences
    • Training sessions and lectures

    Conference hall provides:

    • Premises for approximately 65-70 seats
      – „U“ shape setup – up to 40 seats
      – Two arrows setup – up to 70 seats
      – Classroom setup– 40 – 45 seats
      – Theatre setup– 45 – 50 seats
    • Equipped with tables and chairs
    • Multimedia and flipchart
    • Bar with coffee machine, hot, room temperature and cold water dispenser
    • 1 very strong air-conditioner provides comfort in the conference hall
    • Access to large internal private courtyard that can be used for the coffee breaks, smoking and other activities

    For your event we also offer:

    • Coffee breaks
    • Catering
    • Meal lunch/ dinner
    • Hotel accommodation